Letter to Pete Rose

Dear Pete Rose,

You were an excellent baseball player for the Big Red Machine. Your style of hustle, determination, and hard work captured the attention of many baseball fans. On the field it paid off great dividends for you, as you became the all time hit leader and a fan favorite in the process. The hustle and strong worth ethic you exemplified were an inspiration to all that success required more effort than talent.

As you approached the twilight of your career, you were approaching a ride on the sunset, and a ticket into the Baseball Hall of Fame. You became a player/manager in 1984, and attained a .525 winning percentage in this position. Pete you adapted well to the transition from player to manager. Continue reading


Coin Flip March Madness Bracket Predictions

Ok so I am not a big college basketball expert in any sense of the word. Rather than trusting my own opinions to fill out a bracket, I decided to flip a coin for each game. Heads would give the win to the higher seeded team, tails to the lower seeded team. There are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possibilities in filling out the bracket, according to ESPN. That is 9.2 quintillion for anyone not used to reading almost 20 digits worth of numbers. Now the difference between me and the coin’s knowledge is probably not much different when it comes to college basketball, but it operates without bias and predicts upsets more commonly than the average joe does.


Below is the coin’s March Madness bracket. I don’t necessarily agree with everything it said. It sees Kentucky being a 1st round knockout and has San Diego State advancing to the Sweet 16 by beating Duke. I don’t agree with those, but those are two very good examples of the upsets it predicted. The Final Four is also one that is very shocking, but let me not spoil anymore. Here is a look at one of the most interesting brackets a coin could pick:


In case the picture made the font to small, I will give you a summary of the bracket that a wise quarter predicted this evening:

The Elite 8 was: #7 Wichita St vs. #8 Cincinnati, #4 Louisville vs. #14 Albany, #7 Iowa vs. #5 Utah, and #1 Wisconsin vs #6 Xavier.

The Final 4 was: #8 Cincinnati vs. #1 Wisconsin, #14 Albany vs, #7 Iowa.

The National Championship was #8 Cincinnati vs. #7 Iowa, with Iowa winning. Using a random number generator, the combined point total for the Championship games was 153 points.

Virginia was the only #2 seed to win a game. Two #1 seeds, Kentucky and Villanova, lost their 1st game. Duke lost against San Diego State, and #15 Texas Southern made it to the Sweet 16. #16 Lafayette and #13 Valparaiso also made it to the Sweet 16. Notre Dame was the only #3 seed to win a game.

Across the entire bracket, there were many notable upsets. Only 1 top 5 seed made it to the final 4, and only one #1 seed made it to the Sweet 16. This would make for a very interesting tournament, as it makes each team look like they are on an equal playing field. With a coin, every team had a 50% chance of winning any particular game. The odds aren’t that favorable for every team in reality. Regardless, using a coin made for a very interesting look at a NCAA March Madness Bracket.

Ok so now you know what a quarter thinks will happen in the tournament. Who do you think will make it to the Final 4, and who do you have as the winner of the tournament? Comment down below with your predictions, or link us to pic of your bracket. Let the debate begin, and who will be that 1 in 9.2 quintillion to get it right?

NFL: No Leaks allowed (Unless it’s us)

The NFL has made it clear to all 32 teams that leaking free agents deal will not be tolerated. They also warned the teams that they are opening investigations on deals that occurred during the 3 day negotiating period. If the NFL does decide to intervene, it could very well change the landscape of this year’s free agency class.

One agent has complained that the rule makes no sense, and this sentiment is shared by many. While a rule change is likely to occur in the future, it is safe to assume that it will be done in the manner they handled the Ray Rice case.

Perhaps you don’t know why the NFL felt compelled to release that mandate, as any team who leaked deals is in violation of the rule. The NFL has the authority to void any move done during the 3 day negotiating period, and they have plenty of written evidence throughout social media. But as always with the NFL, every move they make is hypocritical.

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The Solution to ending back to back games in the NBA


There has been much debate about the need for an adjustment to the NBA schedule. Back to back games have been a practice that has worn players down, and people are searching for solutions. Basketball fans, writers, and the NBA themselves have been trying to find the perfect balance that would benefit all parties.

Some look at the prospect of shortening the season, but no business is looking to reduce revenue. Other say the season needs to be made longer to allow for more off days in between. This has met resistance from Spurs coach Greg Popovich, who doesn’t want to have to coach regular season games in May and June. If games were played up to May or June, that could push playoff games into July.

Those ideas bring to the table many dilemmas and question marks. Luckily I have an alternative, that has yet to surface into the conversation. Continue reading

No Winner in McCoy for Kiko trade?

Potential Downsides for the Bills


  • LeSean McCoy had over 100 rushing yards just 4 times this year, which matched the number of games in which he had 50 yards or less.
  • McCoy scored 1 rushing TD in the Eagles first 8 games.
  • LeSean had 0 receiving TDs on the season.
  • Had career low in receptions, receiving yards, and average yards per catch.
  • Had 7 games this year with an average yards per carry under 4, including 3 games under 2 yards per carry.
  • Experienced struggles running the ball when the O-Line experienced injuries.
  • Bills O-Line is greatly inferior to the Eagles O-Line, even when the Bills linemen are healthy.
  • Bills still lack a dependable QB.
  • Lesean McCoy on average gets 19.5 carries a game last year. The Bills averaged 63.8 offensive plays in 2014, who is going to fill the gap on the rest. A QB can throw 40 times a game, and running back can’t run 40 times a game each and every week.
  • Fumbles on average once every 4 games last season

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National Rugby League player joins the 49ers

The NRL’s Player of the year for the 2014 season is heading to San Francisco. 27-year-old Jarryd Hayne has signed a deal with the 49ers, that comes with $100,000 guaranteed. Hayne chose the 49ers over two other finalist, the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks.

The ink on the contract is just the 1st step on Hayne’s journey. Now is where the real challenge awaits. Can Jarryd Hayne make the transition from Rugby to the NFL? Jarryd plans on being a running back in the NFL, and there has been talk that he could be a respectable kick returner as well.

Jarryd will have to earn his spot on the 49ers, or he could be cut during the preseason. Hayne has spent time training in the United States, including with former NFL wide receiver Tim Dwight. During his Pro Day, he ran a 4.53 40 yard dash, and was listed as 6’2″, 226 pounds. It has not yet been confirmed whether the 40 yard sash was electronically timed, or hand-timed. Hayne originally had intentions to retire from Rugby and make the NFL in October, a plan that did not develop.

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Top 5 QBs in 2014


5.  Tony Romo

This one might not be a popular pick, but Tony Romo played well this year. In 2014, Tony Romo was the only player to have a higher completion percentage than Drew Brees, and was 0.1 % shy of 70%. Only 3 QBs that had 400+ passing attempts had fewer interceptions than Romo. Tony Romo had the highest passer rating in the NFL, and also had the highest yards per attempts. He was the only QB to have 30+ TD passes in under 500 passing attempts, and missed a game due to a back injury. Tony Romo also led the league in QBR (Total Quarterback Rating). While he is surrounded by a strong offensive unit, Tony Romo certainly deserves credit for his superb performance in 2014 as well.

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